Commercial real estate

We advise both the business buyers and sellers throughout the process.

Let us advise you about renting, buying and selling commercial properties.

Whether you are letting, renting, buying or selling, you should always seek legal advice before concluding a commercial real estate agreement. This allows you to steer clear of the legal pitfalls that may arise in connection with commercial real estate transactions.

For competent advice when letting, renting, buying and selling commercial properties

The purchase and sale of commercial real estate differs significantly from ordinary consumer purchases, to which various consumer protection rules apply. The sales and negotiation process in a commercial transaction is often much more individual, which is far more demanding of the skills of a business buyer or seller.

Correspondingly, commercial real estate leasing is very different to leasing residential properties to private individuals as there is far more freedom of agreement in a commercial leasehold transaction between a lessee and a lessor. This freedom of agreement makes it possible to compile a contract that is particularly adapted to the needs of both lessee and lessor, but this also means that extra caution must be exercised when entering into the contract.

Penta Advokater can advise you about both commercial transactions and the legal aspects of commercial real estate leasing. We have attorneys who specialise in both areas of expertise and who can protect your interests by providing competent advice that is based on a wealth of experience.

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