Property Deal

We care for you and your money when you buy property.

For example, is a property condition report, and change of ownership insurance necessary? Should you take a lawyer’s reservation? How do you ensure that your family can stay in the house if you separate, or one of you dies? There are many things that need to be considered when you buy a house.

When buying a new home, you will be met with a large number of documents such as the sales advertising literature, property condition report and the purchase agreement, all describing the property itself, and detailing the legal conditions. It can be difficult to get the big picture, and you should never sign anything until you’ve consulted a lawyer for advice. Your signature on a purchase agreement is binding, and there may be specific issues which can make restrictions on the use of the property, or committing you to other conditions. A lawyer’s reservation gives you extra time to examine specific issues, and allow you to get out of a house-purchase deal without any penalty cost.

Buyer Counselling through to registration of the deeds in the public records for the purchase of a detached house is from DKK 9,700 incl. VAT.



Property Condition Report (‘tilstandsrapport’) describes the physical condition of the property.

Change of ownership insurance (‘ejerskifteforsikring’) may cover defects arising that are not already shown in the Property Condition Report.

Lawyer’s reservation (‘advokatforbehold’) allows an agreed number of days for considering the purchase contract.

We follow your property deal through to completion

1. Purchase Agreement

The Purchase Agreement is signed.

2. Review

We will review together the purchase agreement and financial guarantee made by your bank.

3. Contract Approval Letter

The Contract Approval Letter is forwarded to the property agent, and any issues clarified/negotiated.

4. Property Transfer

The property transfer is keyed into the digital land registration system, and the purchase price deposited at the date you take over the property.

5. Title Deed

The deed is registered with remarks on any debt the seller has in the property.

6. Settlement

We call for settlement of the seller’s debt.

7. Registration

The Title Deed is registered definitively and without land registry endorsements.

8. Release

We release your money to the seller, since we now have completed the deal and the property is yours.