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Intellectual property law

An intellectual property right can be the most important asset of your business enterprise. We can advise you about the various types of rights and how you can best protect them.

In principle, intellectual property rights give their owner the exclusive right to exploit their creation commercially. A creation in this context means, for example, a new idea, a new invention, a new design or similar. Intellectual property rights are divided into the following categories, according to how they were created:

  • Patent rights
  • Utility model rights
  • Trademark rights
  • Design rights
  • Copyrights

Intellectual property rights are also often referred to using the acronyms “IP rights” or “IPR”.

Gain specialist knowledge about intellectual property rights

An intellectual property right can be the most valuable asset owned by a commercial operator or business enterprise. The steadily increasing use of digital media and the Internet has created increased pressure on intellectual property rights, including a greater risk of infringement and unauthorised use thereof. It is therefore extremely important that your business focuses on your intellectual property rights and how you can protect them.

Penta Advokater has a team specialising in intellectual property law, so we are therefore able to provide you with specialist expertise in this regard.

Our core competences within intellectual property law are the following:

  • Advice about the various types of rights and how you can protect them
  • Applications to protect your IP rights in Denmark and abroad
  • Advice about the infringement and validity of intellectual property rights as well as assistance in infringement cases, including injunction cases and civil actions in the courts
  • Administration of rights portfolios, including their establishment and registration, maintenance and monitoring
  • Drafting of intellectual property contracts, including for example licensing contracts, transfer contracts, due diligence agreements in connection with the transfer of business enterprises, non-disclosure agreements, authorship contracts, etc.

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