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Risk Management

Identify the risks faced by your business enterprise and ensure that such risks are minimised in the future.

Penta Advokater has good experience in dividing risk management into four phases.

  1. We help you to identify the risks associated with your business enterprise’s handling of customers, suppliers and other business partners.
  2. When we have identified any such risks, we then help to draw up a strategy to ensure that these risks can be minimised in the future. This strategy is formulated as an action plan/guide.
  3. We update any of the contracts of the business enterprise that may be affected, so as to reflect the content of the action plan.
  4. To ensure that the implementation of the new risk strategy proceeds smoothly, we train the employees of the business enterprise in the correct management of the contracts and establish an understanding of the underlying basis of the agreement.

After completing the risk management plan, your business enterprise will possess the prerequisite tools to ensure that the agreements of the business enterprise are up-to-date and that the employees are able to identify and act in relation to the risks of the business enterprise.

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