Board work

Having a professional and competent board gives you valuable sparring that will improve your business operations.

Penta Advokater has years of experience in advising Danish business enterprises about business matters and business strategies, including development and crisis management. This means that we have considerable expertise in how to run a business to the best advantage.

The combination of this expertise, our legal background and the implementation of our own training program means that we possess the competences that board work requires while remaining rooted in the vision for your business enterprise.

Several of our experienced business attorneys are already members of a number of company boards. There can be many reasons for this, but the common thread they share is the necessity of having legal, business and corporate expertise “on hand” in relation to day-to-day operations, in connection with long-term strategy work, and when conducting board meetings.

A lawyer from Penta Advokater will advise you about relevant legal matters, based on the specific needs of your business enterprise. As well as your permanent contact at Penta, your business will of course also be able to draw on the skills of our other specialist attorneys, who will be able to provide advice and create transparency as part of their strategic task performance.

A professional board offers sparring skills and additional competences

Many large and small size business enterprises have already experienced the benefit of a board that is professional, properly composed and well-functioning whether the challenge has involved an acquisition or a turnaround.

We consider strategy work to be a very important task for a board and have deep insight into ensuring that the board maintains focus on this particular task. Contact us to find out how Penta Advokater can add value to the work of your board.

To ensure that your business enterprise sees the full benefit of this advice, your attorney is chosen not only on the basis of their professional competences but also on the basis that they are a good personal match.

Bringing an attorney onto your board also ensures the following:

  • That the board functions as a single entity that adds value to the business enterprise
  • That board themes are determined for the year (if necessary, an “Annual Wheel” will be made and followed up continuously)
  • An annual board evaluation

Are you considering setting up a professional board?

If you are considering establishing a professional board, Penta Advokater offers special introductory packages to provide agreed tasks at fixed rates.

Contact attorney and partner Helge Busk for more information about our introductory packages.

If you have already established a board to which you are considering adding an attorney, you are more than welcome to contact us for details about what we would be able to offer your particular business enterprise.